Preface (To A New Disciple and Simon Peter)

My uncle is a guard at a Roman prison. It isn’t something that I generally reveal to people, but I thought that might interest you given that Simon Peter, one of the earliest followers of Jesus of Nazareth, is being held there.

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I might be able to get into the area where Peter is confined. I contacted my uncle with whom I have been close all of my life. I asked if it would be possible for him to get me in to see Simon Peter. It took some coaxing, but he said that he would arrange it.

I had no previous relationship with Peter and he had no reason to welcome me. I am just a recent follower of Jesus. I am excited about what that has meant to my life and I’m thrilled with the group of Christians who have come around me. I want to know as much about Jesus as I can. I want to grow deeper in my journey with Jesus. What better person to turn to than Simon Peter?

It turned out that Peter was thankful for my visit and was open for me to return for a series of conversations. As I checked with my uncle to see about returning, he made it clear that these visits would need to be short. I agreed to keep them all less than an hour. I was just thrilled that I could return regularly!

I have little experience in this faith, and have a lot of questions. Peter never seems to mind. He said that asking questions are the way we learn and grow. So, each week I go return with a new question or questions for him.

In the early stages of the visits I just wanted to know basic things, like how he came to follow Jesus and why. What was Jesus like? What has kept him on this discipleship journey.

Our conversations grew deeper over the weeks as some of Peter’s responses triggered stories from his past with Jesus. On one visit a need for healing prayer came about for a cell neighbor of Peter’s, and he and I ended up digging deep into the matter of healing. I struggle with how to pray and asked Peter to teach me more about prayer and we talked that through from his experiences with Jesus. Food brought a discussion on Jesus feeding many with a few loaves and fishes. Peter hearing children’s voices got us into a conversation of how Jesus was so open and welcoming with all kinds of people, including the little ones. I even got to ask him about the time Jesus told him, “Get behind me Satan!”

I am learning too much to keep these visits to myself. I have taken notes and have begun to make these accounts available to you. I try to be open about my own limitations and honestly report what I asked and how I responded to this great leader for Jesus. I hope what I am about to share will be useful for your own journey with our Lord.


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