The women walked with heavy steps

Their loss so great to death

The darkness deep around them still

Some tears and out of breath


Light began to barely shine

The arrival of the dawn

“Who will roll away the stone?”

They wondered but moved on


And then, they saw the covered tombs,

An eerie land of loss,

The tomb to which they sadly trudged

Created by the cross


The first surprise of a surprising morn

A rumble from the ground

The second startling circumstance

An open tomb they found


The third an angel from above

Had moved the stone away

And seeing the women stopped far off

Said, “Do not be afraid!”


“I know that you are looking for

Your Master and your friend.

I know that He was crucified

And you thought His life at end.”


“But come and see the fact that He

No longer lingers here.

He is risen! He is risen!

See! The evidence is clear.”


The women moved close to the tomb

And stared within in awe

For Jesus truly wasn’t there

The tomb was bare. They saw!


“This is news that must be shared,”

The angel continued on

“Go and tell that Jesus lives

To Peter, James and John.”


And so these women hastened back

“Great news!” they shouted out

“He is risen! He is risen”

But, the men were left in doubt


Yet, finally Peter had to see

If what they said was true

And John ran with him to the tomb

A race toward truth, these two


John beat Peter to the tomb

But stood outside to see

While Peter, as soon as he arrived,

Went in immediately


And sure enough as Mary said

No body did they see

Just linen wrappings lying there

Where Jesus ought to be


What could this mean? Why was He gone?

What plot had been conceived?

Peter struggled with these facts,

But John saw and believed.


The men walked back the dusty road

Together, lost in thought

Reviewing all that Jesus did

And all that Jesus taught


But Mary Magdalene remained

She’d followed close behind

She felt confused, surprised and lost

Was Jesus there to find?


Had the message of the angels

Really been the truth of God?

Was Jesus truly living now?

Or just some story odd?


And then a voice broke through the morn

It startled her to hear

“Why do you weep? Whom do you seek?”

It rang out soft but clear


Perhaps the gardener of the tombs

She thought, he might know more

The missing Jesus could have been

For him another chore.


“Tell me, sir, if you have moved

My master and my friend

Just tell me if you’ve taken him

To meet some other end”


“Mary!” she had heard her name

Said by so many men

But only one had spoken it

Like she had heard it then!


“Rabboni!” teacher, Master, Jesus

“It is true. You really live!”

“Yes, my faithful, caring friend,

I’ve a message you must give.”


“But, Lord, just let me hold you

Let me cling and not let go!”

“No, dear one, you must hold back

There’s still much you must know.”


She listened to her Lord again,

His voice so great to hear.

The message was so wonderful

But still it brought a tear


Jesus promised her that He would come

Into their midst again

And so she left reluctantly

With this message once again


He is risen! He is risen!

As she burst right through the door

I have seen Him. I have touched Him!

It’s the Master! I am sure!


They talked and talked of what this meant

The doors and windows locked

They feared their capture even yet

Might come just as they talked


When in their midst Christ did appear

He lived as Mary said

He is risen! He is risen!

He is risen from the dead!


“Peace be unto you my friends,

The peace from God so true

As the Father has sent me

So now do I send you”


And then the Lord did breathe on them

With power from above

“Receive the Holy Spirit,” He said

Receive the heavenly dove.


And carry to the world the truth

Accomplished on my cross

Forgiveness is available

Life given through life lost


But it was only ten of them

That were gathered there that night

Thomas had been somewhere else,

Lost chance to see the Light


And later, after Jesus left

Came Thomas to the room

He is risen! He is risen!

Rang the message that burst the tomb


Thomas doubted, Thomas struggled,

“It’s a story, can’t be true

Living? Jesus living?

Back alive for me and you?”


“I can’t believe it, can’t believe it

He is dead; was crucified.

I won’t believe, I won’t believe it,

‘til I touch His hand and side!”


One week later, Jesus came

In the room with Thomas there

Went right over swiftly to him

In his eyes did Jesus stare


“It was hard I know to trust,

But now you know you weren’t deceived

You may touch my hands, my side

Thomas saw, and now believed


He exclaimed, “My Lord, My God!”

But on his senses he did lean

Jesus said, “The truly blessed

Will be believers who haven’t seen.”


And thus the story, thus the message

Of our Jesus, crucified

He is risen! He is risen!

Yes, He lives, the man who died.


It’s a message shared at Easter

Shared with hope for me and you

It’s the message of our Savior

One to tell and one to do


It’s a message shared in summer

Shared in winter, spring and fall

It’s a message of a man who died

And rose again for all


And so it is a message

Ringing out this Easter morn

Jesus lives! O’er death He’s conquered,

And with Him new Life’s been born!


Can you feel it? Have you heard it?

Can you sense both gain and loss?

Jesus gave His body, shed His blood

And died upon a cross


And had that death, but ended there

It would be pure tragedy

But we have heard the fuller tale,

A tale of victory


He is risen! He is risen!

He is risen from the dead!

Jesus lives! The devil’s conquered

Death has lost its grip, its dread


It’s a message that each Christian

Has embraced down through the years

Each has felt the Master’s presence,

Needed it in times of tears


Even now if you should find

That with your life you cannot cope

Easter morning brings a message

Full of promise, full of hope


God has done it, God has acted

Done a miracle, it’s true

It’s a sign of strength and power,

And a gift for me and you


Feel it strongly! Hold it tightly!

For to you it has been said

He is risen! He is risen!

Christ is risen from the dead.