Bethlehem – Where Jesus Was Born

The premier performance of a CHRISTMAS CANTATA FOR GUITAR took place at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Glenshaw, PA on the evening of December 20, 2018.

This is Blair Morgan’s 12 minute WELCOME to the audience of 200+ and the introduction of those performing:


This is the CANTATA. The order of songs and other information follows:


The Announcement to Mary (Luke 21:26-38)  Blair Morgan

The Talk  Tony Schneck, Kari Smail and Lisa Bleil

Mary and Joseph – The Journey  Tony Schneck, Kari Smail and Chorus

The Innkeeper Blues  Bill Diehm and Tony Schneck

Glory and Peace  Blair Morgan, Lisa Bleil and Chorus

Nativity  Kari Smail and Tony Schneck

We Follow the Star  Brian Bennett, Mark Nurnberger and Dan Smail

Trouble Comin’  Chorus, Tony Schneck and Lisa Bleil

Bethlehem  The Cast and The Audience

All songs copyrighted © Blair and Fay Morgan, 2018


Mary: The Rev. Kari Smail

Joseph: The Rev. Tony Schneck

Angel: Ms. Lisa Bleil

The Innkeeper: The Rev. Bill Diehm

Three Wisemen: The Rev. Brian Bennett, Deacon Mark Nurnberger, The Rev. Dan Smail

Chorus: Ms. Fay Morgan, The Rev. Tricia Schneck, The Rev. Ed Sheehan, Ms. Nancy Sheehan

Spoken Narration: Mr. Connor Schneck

Sung Narration and Guitar Accompanist: The Rev. Blair Morgan

Guitar Accompanist: Mr. Barth Tamenne


  • To Bethlehem Lutheran Church for hosting this premier event and for 20 years ago gifting the guitar he is playing this evening
  • To all who have come out this evening to listen and be a part of this cantata
  • To each member of the cast for their willingness to invest their gifts and time into enabling this cantata to be performed
  • To Myra Fozard, Gene Fozard and Dennis Lane for enabling this event to be on video
  • To Bruce Letterle for enabling this event to be on audio
  • To Miriam Kerr for enabling the words to the songs to be projected during the performance
  • To Joe Kayda for enabling all of the sound system hookups for the event
  • To Mariane Reed for all her help to Blair to prepare and coordinate for this event
  • And most especially to Fay for her encouragement, guidance, insights, additions and love through this whole process of conceiving, writing and performing the cantata

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